sales order automation processes

Mastering Sales Order Automation Processes for Business Growth

What is Sales Order Automation?

Sales Order Automation Processes involve using technology to manage goods ordering through transparent workflows. This streamlines the process and eliminates issues such as inserting information or orders multiple times or inputting incorrect details.

Automation itself forms a critical part of the order management process by using applications and data to ensure that a customer’s order is processed and that they receive their goods in an acceptable time frame – key for businesses.

For companies, Sales Order Automation brings a dual advantage. Internally, it significantly reduces manual tasks, keeping the team organised and efficient. Externally, it enhances the company’s reputation by offering a professional service and fostering customer trust and loyalty.

What are the Benefits?

  • Digitising sales order processing eliminates manual data entry, saving staff time to concentrate on other tasks.
  • Overall, it will process orders faster, from data collection to fulfilment.
  • It allows the company to make better business decisions in the long term
  • With many fulfilment departments now working remotely, digital sales orders can continue as usual without any disruption
  • It gives the opportunity to gain process insights with complete visibility of all orders from the point they are received to complete

What are the Functions of Sales Order Processing?

Automated Data Entry:

Manual data entry will be a thing of the past for the finance teams! The sales order process will use AI technology and machine learning to quickly enter accurate data into the systems.

Mailbox Monitoring:

PDF, Excel, HTML and other messages that come into the email mailbox will be extracted and organised, once again supporting teams and removing the need for their extra efforts in sorting the emails.

Portal Monitoring:

The technology automates the process of downloading orders from portals.

Digital Workflows:

Assigning orders to team members is one of the most important parts of sales order automation. This is significant if there is a query with the order, and the system pre-determines the route for each procedure.

Process Insights:

As mentioned, sales order automation will give a business an overview of what is coming in order-wise and where it sits—for example, how long it has been there—and avoid manually chasing orders around the organisation.

How do you Perform Sales Order Automation Processes?

Here is a simple workflow process Telic uses to ensure that the sales order process runs smoothly, from the initial order coming into the inbox (1) through to the final transaction going to the appropriate destination in the business (6).

Here’s a snapshot of Telic’s sales order automation dashboard. Our simple and easy-to-use platform includes a clear sales order processing dashboard to track the process. You can monitor the status of each order as it moves through the pipeline, from the initial creation to the final delivery. This includes information such as order details, customer information, order status, and any relevant notes or comments.

sales order automation processes

Intelligent technology uses cognitive capture to read the data when sales orders come into the business. This ensures that all relevant information is quickly and efficiently captured, making it easier for the business to manage and fulfil orders in a timely manner.

sales order automation processes

sales order automation processes

The dashboard has a user-friendly graphical representation of the sales order process that shows its various stages. It provides a comprehensive overview of the orders’ current status and allows you to identify any bottlenecks or delays quickly.

sales order automation processes

Contact our industry experts to learn what Sales Order Automation can do for your business. You can also download Telic’s webinar on Sale Order Automation—Six Steps to Success here.

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