Cognitive Capture

Cognitive Capture - Intelligently Capture Any Document

Lower Operational Costs

Reduce your operational costs by using cognitive capture for the collection and validation of critical business data

Improve Customer Engagement

Allow you organisation to respond faster to people who are contacting your organisation through any channel through automation

Make Informed Decisions

Understand what is coming into the organisation at the earliest point in the process and drive business workflows and automation

Use Cognitive Capture's Machine Learning to Process Your Documents


Allow your organisation to accept and apply automation to documents being received physically, by email and from mobile devices. Accept multiple document types, using cognitive capture technologies, including scanned and emailed PDF and other image formats, Microsoft Excel and Word documents, data streams, EDI, HTML and other documents extracted from portals.

Automate Document Classification

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to identify document types, to then apply extraction and routing rules through automation. With self-learning capabilities the platform increases its recognition capabilities over time.

Intelligent OCR

Allow powerful OCR data extraction engines in Cognitive Capture technology to automatically extract and then validate key information from documents, learn as they go and improve recognition rates and straight through processing over time.

Multi-Document Formats

Process structured (e.g. forms), semi-structured (e.g. invoices) and unstructured (e.g. letters of correspondence) all through one intelligent automation platform.

Mobile Cognitive Capture

Allow people wanting to communicate with your business to submit documents from mobile devices and drive subsequent digital adoption.


Use specially designed export frameworks to push data into your systems and process workflows to increase automation rates and ensure core business systems are connected.

Real Time Dashboards

Granular dashboards provide insight on document status and visibility of all processing information in one place giving teams information needed to action queries and exceptions.

Screen showing cognitive capture dashboard

The Changing Face of Document Capture:
Why Cognitive Document Capture is Smarter than OCR?

“Information capture has advanced a long way since the advent of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Digital Repositories (EDMS Electronic Document Management Systems). Modern business applications require pre-validated and structured data as input so it is readily available for use in decision making and driving business processes….

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