Finance Process Automation

Cost Savings with Automated Capture

Reduce your operational costs associated with invoice processing by upto as much as 80% through automation

Increase Productivity with Digital Workflows

Using automation, accelerate and optimise your workflows for invoice approval to increase productivity

Provide Management Information for Business Process Insight

Gain visibility of critical processes and data allowing your organisation to act early through an intelligent automation platform

Digitise and Automate your Financial Processes

AP & Invoice Automation

Optimise your accounts payable function by using an intelligent automation platform for invoice data collection, approval, coding and management

Accounts Receivable Automation

Drive efficiency in your accounts receivable process by using automation for cash allocation and reconciliation to reduce outstanding debt

Expense Automation

Eliminate inefficient manual paper-based expense processing using an intelligent automation platform to get real-time insights on company expenditure

Accounts Payable and Invoice Automation

Increase Processing Speed and Accuracy

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Use automation to extract data from physical and electronic invoices to save your teams from tedious manual data entry tasks. Use automated lookups to validate and cross-check data, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Increase the Speed of Approvals

Design custom workflows to suit your organisation in a graphical user interface. Empower your teams to create and modify workflows as the needs of the business change and evolve. Manage alerts and notifications and give your Accounts Payable Team the power to see what is happening in the intelligent automation platform at any point in time.


Leverage your existing investments in ERP and Finance Systems by integrating them with capture, workflow and automation tools.

Cloud Invoice Processing

Integrate Seamlessly with your Finance System

Cloud invoice processing demonstrated with integration to Microsoft Dynamics

Cloud Invoice Processing

Discover more how cloud invoice processing could help your business

Accounts Receivable Automation

Automate Cash Allocation and Reconciliation

Automate the Matching of Remittances and Invoices

Use automation to extract key data from remittance advice documents and match them to your transactions in your ERP system.

Eliminate Manual Payment Allocation

Achieve finance automation by matching off transactions against outstanding amounts to allocate cash faster and more accurately and reduce debtor days.

Analyse the Process

Identify problematic transactions and route them to specialist teams for resolution. Improve the productivity and effectiveness of your processes through automation.

Multi Channel

Handle Remittance Advice from multiple sources, including email, post, EDI and portals.

Learn Payment Behaviours

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies built into cognitive capture software to automatically learn payment behaviours and improve accuracy.


Seamlessly integrates with ERP platforms using pre-built framework connectors to allow rapid deployment and reduce cost.

Digitally Transform

Use technology to deliver better process experience for internal and external customers.

Automating Cash Allocation:
A Finance Director’s View

“As a Finance Director, I tend to be on the receiving end of many marketing campaigns with offers to discuss the benefits of intelligent process automation, but it’s not always clear what the tangible benefits are and how it could be applied to specific business processes. As someone who has implemented and used…”

Expense Automation

Streamline operations, cut costs, and reduce wasted time

Reduce Manual Processes

Free up employee time spent on manual inputting and checking physical expense claims by allowing them to capture receipts on a mobile device and use automation to collect data. Provide them with the tools that in the Digital Age people expect.

Uncover True Spend Data

Digitising and collecting expense data means that finance teams can see where money is being spent, by who and for what.

Automate Workflows

Ensure business expense and spending policies are followed, reduce fraud, and eliminate errors using automation and digital workflows.

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