Customer Communication Management

Communication Management

Channel of Choice

Create and distribute communications in a simple interface that allows you to communicate to recipients via their channel of choice

Automate and Improve Processes

Merge data from existing business systems into easily modifiable templates and then automate the distribution and subsequent communication processes

Deliver Business Efficiencies

Free up employees to manage valuable activities, by automating and digitising existing communication channels

Better Manage Your Organisation's Communications

Manage Communications

Store and manage all communications in a central place that ensures content is optimised and on-brand. Facilitate simple editing and approvals before release.


Easily allow your business to transform communications suited for digital channels by designing communications that can be output in the channel of choice for the receiver.

Support Compliance

Manage content and ensure approvals are in place for new documents and for new versions. Quickly update all communication templates with standard sections as legislation or internal policies change.

Tailor Documents

Simple allows documents to be tailored to the individual based on preferences and data held in internal systems to maximise the communication experience.


Build the communications platform into internal systems and processes. Simply add other intelligent automation technologies to further increase the value of your business.

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