Deliver Information Directly to Your Business Processes

Digital Mailroom Automation

Enable Remote Working

Digitising and centralising the receipt of inbound correspondence in a Digital Mailroom allows you to push information electronically to remote workers and drive automation

Reduce Costs

Drive costs out of the handling, sorting, and keying of data from documents coming into your organisation through a digital mailroom

Gain Process Insight

With mailroom automation, get a better understanding of what is being received, when, and in which channel so you can make informed business decisions and pursue further automation

What is a Digital Mailroom?

Intelligent Automation for all Inbound Correspondence

An automated digital mailroom uses a combination of technologies to assist organisations in automating the classification of inbound correspondence, extracting relevant content and distributing to individuals, teams or systems for further action.

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning within the technology platform allows organisations to process and react faster to content that is being received on a daily basis. This provides operational efficiency and accelerated response times for customers, suppliers, partners and citizens.

An automated digital mailroom helps to remove bottlenecks, improves the ability to handle peak volumes and increases the ability for teams to work remotely.

Capture Inbound Documents Arriving in Your Business in a Digital Mailroom

Provide your teams with a simple and effective way to manage business documents received across multiple channels, including paper, email and other electronic forms. Let technology in a digital mailroom perform the hard work of classifying, extracting relevant content and pushing into business systems.

Drive and Automate Downstream Business Processes

By rapidly and automatically identifying document categories as they are received, it becomes possible for a digital mailroom to route and direct information directly into business processes without the need for manual intervention.

Gather Process Insight

By digitally managing data and documents received into your organisation, it becomes simpler to see what is being received, when and in which communication channel. This insight can be used to inform subsequent business processes, optimise business activities and drive further mailroom automation.

Digital Mailroom: Don't Forget About Email

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How to Migrate Customers to Digital Channels

Owen Kilbane of Kofax discusses and demonstrates how customers using more traditional methods of communication can be encouraged onto digital channels in a series of simple steps. This benefits the customer as well as the organisation that they are communicating with by making the transaction faster and reducing the burden on physical post and email.

Reduce Paper and 21 Other Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

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How Does a Digital Mailroom Work?

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