Changing the Communication Channel – Digital Mailroom

Businesses today provide a number of channels for customers to communicate with them. Technology plays a key role in to ensure customers can communicate using the channel of their choice depending upon their preferences and access to technology. Not everyone can or wants to download an app or engage fully digitally. It is important for businesses to ensure that they make it simple for all customer segments and make the move from a physical to a digital communication channel seamless and easy. Changing the communication channel doesn’t need to be complicated or cumbersome for the customer and there are some simple measures that can help organisations evolve.

In his video below, Owen Kilbane at Kofax explains what can be done to help customers in changing the communication channel, to migrate from physical to digital channels while at the same time keeping customer experience at the front of the agenda.

The video demonstrates how customers using more traditional methods of communication can be encouraged onto digital channels in a series of simple steps. This benefits the customer, as well as the organisation that they are communicating with, by making the transaction faster and reducing the burden on physical post and email.

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