Process Intelligence

Gather Insight on Your Business Processes

Process Analysis

Better understand the processes in your organisation and how they are operating using Process Intelligence

Granular Detail

Drill down into process detail that can uncover opportunities to optimise processes or address compliance weaknesses

Improved Decision Making

Use Process Intelligence to provide people with more up-to date, valuable data to improve decision making

Benchmark and Optimise Processes

Customised Dashboards

Simply create customised, real-time dashboards in an intuitive design interface designed for business users.

Customer Interactions

Discover insights about how customers are interacting with your processes and systems.

Deep Visibility

Uncover trends and drill down to details to uncover opportunities to optimise processes. Access near-real-time data from any source, making it easily consumable and available to people who need it.

Graphical Tools

Highlight operational issues, and diagnose root causes by utilising intuitive graphical tools in Process Intelligence.

Monitoring and Alerts

Create customised alerts based on target Service Level Agreements to get ahead of potential issues, sudden changes in demand and optimise processes.

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