Order Processing Automation

Automate Your Sales Order Processing

Process Orders Efficiently

 Automate the collection of data from sales orders to reduce manual intervention and increase the order processing team efficiency.

Increase Accuracy

Use a digital platform where  order processing rules can be set and data validation can be performed on the fly whilst processing orders. It then becomes easier to track errors before they become an issue.

Gain Process Insights

Having full visibility of all orders from the point they are received to completed provides the organisation with insight on productivity, SLA’s and trends allowing teams to make more informed decisions and improve order processing times.

Digitally Process Orders

Mailbox Monitoring

Quickly process PDF orders from customers. PDF, Excel, HTML and other messages can be automatically extracted from monitored email boxes to remove the need for CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) and OP (Order Processing) teams to perform this manually.

Portal Monitoring

Automate the process of downloading orders from portals. Use technology to monitor portals and download orders to ensure they can be processed at the earliest opportunity and never missed.

Automated Data Entry

No longer do staff members need to manually key data from sales orders into the Finance system during order processing. The end to end process can be accelerated, be more accurate and cost less by using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technology for order processing automation.

Data Validation and Enhanced Matching

Use existing system data to validate orders that are being processed and match Customer, Quote and Product data automatically to maximise data quality.

Digital Workflows

Automatically assign orders to specific team members and provide simple digital mechanisms for query and exception resolution for problem orders.

Process Insights

Give your organisation full control to see what is in process, who it currently sits with, how long it has been there and avoid the manual chasing of orders around the organisation.

Enhance Customer Relationships

By using order processing automation technology you can process your customers’ orders quickly, accurately and reliably to enhance the service you provide.

Improve Cashflow

Using automation technology to process orders means that systems can be updated faster and ultimately fulfilment of orders and billing can be brought forward. This helps to bring forward payment and have a positive impact on cashflow.

How Does it Work?

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Sales Order Processing Automation

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