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Integrating Intelligent Process Automation with Existing Applications


One of the key metrics of a successful Automation Implementation is how seamlessly it integrates with other business applications in the ecosystem.

Businesses typically have several disparate systems including a mix of legacy and modern applications either running on-premise or cloud-based. Some of these systems could have been around for a long time and organically evolved as business requirements changed. Proper integration ensures information flows seamlessly and the benefits of automation can be realised effectively. 

Integration can involve reading data from disparate systems, updating data sets, or registering transactions in other line of business applications. Integration with existing systems ensures process automation is applied effectively to the end-to-end process, instead of only focusing on a part of the overall process. 

Effective Integration for your Digital Transformation Project

A modern-day systems integrator working on an intelligent process automation project has a large number of tools and options available. Identifying which ones to use and how to deploy them effectively can be challenging. Combined with this is an ever-increasing number of project stakeholders…

Integration Lifecycle

Our Approach

As part of our end-to-end process analysis and requirements gathering, we review all process touchpoints with existing line of business applications to understand how integration can enhance user experience and get the best value out of the platform.

Our approach to integration takes into account any existing integrations already in place and industry best practices.


Analysis and Design


We apply our experience to identify the best integration approach depending upon specific requirements. We thoroughly analyse the systems before devising the best approach and technical architecture. This ensures Business as Usual (BAU) is not affected and there are no adverse impacts on any other applications. Our key focus is to attain seamless integration between systems with minimal or no impact to BAU. Exception handling, transaction atomicity and data integrity are at the core of every integration design.


Configuration and Development


We have experience in integrating with both legacy and modern applications including greenscreen terminals, thick client monolithic applications, web based and cloud solutions. We can integrate using standard off-the shelf connectors, database interfaces, via API using .NET, COM, Web services or utilising RPA for loosely coupled integrations. Our integration approach is completely agnostic to the application technology stack.




End to end testing is key to the success of any integration. Detailed test cases are developed and documented along with proper test planning in place to perform integration testing. Appropriate test harnesses are developed to facilitate testing.


Monitoring and Refinement


Post go-live operational and performance logs are collected and analysed to identify possible refinement and fine-tuning opportunities. Proper audit trail is retained to assist fault analysis and debugging if required.




From upfront analysis and design, to deployment and post-implementation, we provide detailed documentation that helps to ensure requirements are understood, technology is delivered in the way the business wants to operate and that ongoing support is straight forward.


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