Managed Services

Redeploy Non-Core Business Processes

The Case for Managed Services and Outsourcing

With the increasing complexity of running a growing business, the benefits of opting for a managed service or outsourcing of non-core business processes has become attractive for some organisations. With continual advances in technology, it can be difficult for some organisations to keep pace and realise process efficiencies. Skilled labour can be difficult to attract and retain, making this an alternative and viable option.

For many business leaders, one of the biggest motivators is a financial one. Whilst small businesses may not be able to maintain dedicated, skilled resources for some activities, larger organisations find the financial benefit comes from economies of scale that a managed service provider creates.

With ever increasing levels of regulation across all industries, some find that outsourcing provides a way to meet this with a much lower burden on their organisation. Freeing up employees from managing non-core activities also allows them to focus on the strategic growth areas of the organisation.

How your business can benefit from a managed service

Enhanced Quality

Service level agreements ensure managed service providers are meeting the expectations of your business


The managed service can be scaled, quickly and easily, to cope with your increased or reduced demand


Use a managed service to improve turnaround times to deliver documents and data back into  your business processes in a timely fashion


Taking advantage of the economies of scale from a managed service provider can deliver significant process savings


Utilise the experience of an outsourcing third party to assist in meeting regulatory measures


Frees up your organisation to focus on delivering key strategic value by utilising a managed service

Managed Services

Inbound Document Processing

Redirecting physical post and sending incoming electronic communications like email to a managed service production facility for opening, sorting, classifying and extracting relevant content before feeding back into your organisation’s teams and core systems.

Outbound Document Processing

Improve controls and outbound messaging for customers and suppliers by having your document output created, managed and distributed from a managed service provider.

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