Electronic Document Management

Store and Retrieve Documents Securely


Provide appropriate users with easy access to search and retrieve, digital business documents remotely

Protect Documents and Data

Secure business confidential documents, meet security standards and promote better business disaster recovery using document management

Audit and Discovery

Meet compliance standards with full audit trails of access. Make digital documents available for Artificial Intelligence discovery projects

Get Access to Documents Easily from Anywhere

Upload and Store

Simply capture documents from any source, such as scanners, email or mobile devices and upload them to a secure digital repository.

Index Content

Add index fields to documents to help with structured filing and subsequent retrieval of digital documents from the electronic document management system.

Control Access

Assign rights and privileges to ensure only the right people can access and work on the appropriate documents in the system.

Version Control

Ensure documents that are being worked on collaboratively are correctly and automatically versioned and stored digitally.

Records Management

Apply records management controls to ensure you keep the documents you need and automatically remove the ones you don’t from the repository.


Link your document management repository with other business systems to enable users to easily access digital information.

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