Intelligent Automation for HR

Eliminate Time Consuming Tasks, Make Time for Valuable Ones

Secure your Employee Data

Ensure your employee data and documents are stored in a secure digital repository and accessible by only appropriate individuals

Locate Critical Information

Use digital platforms to ensure critical data and documents can be found quickly and to maximise productivity in your HR team

Automate HR Processes

Use digital and automation tools to streamline HR processes for new starters and leavers, background checks, contract creation and recruitment processes

Take it "Personnelly": Intelligent Automation for HR

It’s become very apparent over the course of 2020 that current HR onboarding, and indeed offboarding, processes are in desperate need of being updated. It’s been highlighted to an extreme this year, but in reality, many organisations could, and probably should, have addressed these some years ago….

Transform your HR Processes

Onboarding Automation

Streamline the onboarding process to ensure new starters can be as productive as early as possible. Digitally and automatically add new starters to critical systems like payroll, company networks and core business applications, reducing manual tasks and ensuring consistent and timely action.

Design and Manage Digital Workflows and Task Lists

Easily design and launch digital workflows to enable employees and HR team members to collaborate, share and submit documents. Get automatic notifications and alerts to advise where the process is not being followed or missing internal service level agreements.

Dashboards and Analytics

Design and deploy meaningful dashboards providing business users with actionable data to make process changes and assess enhancements.

Manage HR Records

Ensure all HR documentation and correspondence is stored in one central digital repository for easy access by appropriate users to enhance confidentiality and security.

Digital Approvals

Give staff and managers an easy to use space for creating digital requests and approving workflow items like holidays, absence and expenses to speed up the process and improve the experience.

Due Diligence Automation

Digitalise and automate the process of checking and validating identity documents, as well as perform checks against third party vetting services to ensure compliance with industry standards and your organisation’s policies.

How Does it Work?

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