Employee Onboarding Solution

employee onboarding solution

Fully Automated Employee Onboarding Solution

An employee onboarding is not just about handing out an information guide and showing them their workspace on their first day. It involves a complex process that requires the collaboration of various departments, such as HR and IT.

Given the complexity and uninteresting tasks involved, onboarding can prove challenging for both the company and the new employee.

Onboard New Hires with Ease

An effective employee onboarding solution can be implemented to ease this process and create a more positive experience for all parties. By digitising the onboarding process, new hires can be guided and mentored through their new job responsibilities without the hassle of paperwork or face-to-face meetings.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Automation

Quick learning

Effective onboarding is challenging due to the overwhelming amount of information. Combining automation, human support, and education can create a coordinated process that helps new hires adjust faster and improves retention.

Regulatory Compliance

To protect employee data, it’s important to ensure data security and comply with regulatory requirements. Use secure bots to process confidential and PII data automatically and locally, which also prevents data theft and misuse.

Track new employee progress

Automated employee onboarding tracks progress and sends surveys after the first day, 30 days, and 90 days. It helps refine the onboarding process and identify any issues quickly.

Reduce delays

Employee Onboarding Automation simplifies the process by enabling departments to collaborate and automate tasks from a single screen. Requests are automatically routed to the next department, reducing bottlenecks and speeding up the process.

Speedy Onboarding Process

Automated employee onboarding can quickly guide new hires through various processes and evaluations, allowing management to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide helpful feedback.

Software Integration

Our platform integrates with other departments which avoids duplication of efforts and disruption. Enrolment in applications can be automatic, and onboarding can be completed efficiently in one go.

Who Benefits from Automated Employee Onboarding?

Employee onboarding automation programs are not just beneficial for HR departments,
but they can also bring advantages to the entire company.

IT Team

IT departments can use bots to monitor their employees’ resource requirements in the back office. This includes procuring necessary equipment such as functional computers, office WiFi connections, ID cards, and other assets that newly hired employees may need on their first day of work.

Accounting Departments

An Employee Onboarding Automation tool guides new employees through tasks like payroll setup, benefits enrolment, and retirement programs. This ensures that all necessary information is available when the accounting department needs to process the employee’s pay or handle other needs.

Customer service

Customer service agents can inform HR about recurring problems or areas in need of improvement. HR can then adjust employee onboarding and training to enhance customer service, ultimately benefiting the company overall.


Many companies invest in cross-training their employees to help them acquire new skills and improve their performance. Cross-training can be expensive and time-consuming. A customised automated onboarding solution can help reduce the time and costs associated with the process.

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