Digital Adoption Solution

Drive Improvements in Business Processes, Outcomes and Employee Productivity

Training and Support Cost Savings

80% savings in support and training costs

Increase Productivity with Improved System Adoption

Improve software adoption by 300% across your core platforms

Increase the Capacity of the Organisation

Gain an increase of 40% in employee performance and productivity

Maximise Productivity and Drive Strategic Business Objectives with a Digital Adoption Platform

A single platform to solve digital adoption issues across an organisation’s core systems and maximise productivity at scale. Simple tools to analyse and optimise any workflow resulting in in-app guidance and process compliance checks to ensure returns from existing strategic software investments.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform

Digital Adoption is a measurement of how well an individual is able to interact with software applications to perform specific business processes. A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) assists users interacting with these systems through the use of in-app prompts and on-screen guidance, as well as monitoring how systems are used to identify further areas for assistance and ensure compliance with process steps being undertaken.

A Digital Adoption Solution can help organisations ensure new users are brought up to speed on systems faster and more engaging, as well as ensure existing users are maximising their effectiveness. It has a significant impact on reducing initial training, ensuring a continuous learning process and negating the amount of support required.

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Digital Adoption Challenges

The pace at which new digital systems are being implemented within organisations has never been faster. With this comes pressure to ensure applications succeed and deliver on the promises of the benefits they will bring. There are a number of common inhibitors that prevent an application from being a success within an organisation that, include poor initial onboarding and ongoing training, lack of focus on employee engagement and the change management leadership for implementing a new way of working, and ultimately being able to measure user adoption rates in terms of which features are being used and in the right way.

Getting this wrong means that users disengage, applications are utilised incorrectly, and the benefits of digital platforms are not realised.

Digital Adoption for all your Enterprise Business Applications

A digital adoption solution can span all your web and mobile business systems.

Analyse Behaviour, Optimise Interactions, Expand to Other Users and Business Areas

A Digital Adoption Solution provides actionable insights about user interactions and delivers engaging tours, onboarding flows, and on-screen guidance.

Reduce the internal pressures for training on core applications and ensure users feel supported and engaged.

Real Time Dashboards

Interactive dashboards provide the latest insight based on information collected from real-time user engagement. This increases visibility into your transformation initiatives with robust tracking and analytics, allowing for continual improvement and improved decision making

Screen showing Digital Adoption Platform Dashboard

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