Top 5 Employee Onboarding Challenges Solved by a Software Adoption Solution

Application software is an intrinsic part of business and so it can be difficult to separate systems and processes from an onboarding perspective.  If new employees can become proficient in applications quickly, their entire onboarding process can be accelerated and they can become a contributor faster. A Software Adoption Solution can significantly enhance the onboarding of new staff, ensure processes are followed and employee engagement is maintained.

According to a study by Gallup, 88% of employees didn’t feel their organisation did a good job of onboarding and in this post we look at what are the common employee onboarding challenges and how a digital adoption platform can assist.

The top 5 New Employee Onboarding Challenges

  1. New Employees are overwhelmed by user training content to beyond the point of effectiveness.

Before becoming a user of a sophisticated and complex business application, new employees are required to complete extensive training. While the principle is sound, the reality is often very different. New employees often need to “endure” rather than complete the training.  Often the training is either insufficient or over the top in the context of the new employee’s actual role.

By enabling the delivery of extended and in-context help and guidance, a Software Adoption Solution reduces the need for time consuming up-front training by lowering the complexity and raising the usability (UX) of business systems.

  1. Organisations have few facilities to monitor new employee onboarding processes at scale and over an extended period.

While Learning Management Systems and training courses deliver quantitative results in terms of course completion and pass rates, few if any measure training applicability in the intended business systems.

A Software Adoption Solution can monitor and measure how employees engage and use business systems to ensure they’re used correctly and effectively.

  1. Individuals learn in different ways and so a one-size-fits-all-approach won’t be effective for all.

Training should be delivered in the best way to support the individual employee. If some new employees prefer “YouTube” style snippets to traditional web training or “old-school” Standard Operating Manuals then so be it.

A Software Adoption Solution enables one of the most effective means of training: to provide it “on-demand” from within the target business systems where the user can easily retrieve and review appropriate training for the area of the application that they’re encountering.

  1. User Training is expensive and time consuming to Create, Deliver & Manage.

Traditional training is expensive to develop, administer and deliver.  Furthermore, training rarely included business systems customisations that the organisation may have implemented.  To be effective, user training must relate to organisation-specific business processes and policies too.

A Software Adoption Solution provides the means for organisations to easily tailor their in-application training to include organisation specific training for the application and crucially, the underlying processes and policies.  As these processes and policies change, training, help and guidance can be updated and the solution can prompt users to review them; in highly regulated industries this can be mandated without resorting to “nagging” email messages and external Learning Management Systems.

  1. New employees are required to accept systems and to adapt to them

While we’re not advocating that organisations customise their business systems solely to accommodate the needs of new employees, there is value in finding ways of improving the User Experience for both new and existing employees.  After all, employees want to be intellectually and emotionally engaged in their work and an organisation that helps enable this to happen are likely to reap rewards.

A Software Adoption Solution allows organisations to enhance the User Experience by significantly improving in-application help, unobtrusively providing guidance and enabling workflows and automation to reduce the burden on the employee of executing repetitive tasks.

In summary, a Software Adoption Solution should be an integral part of any organisation’s armoury.  These solutions can reduce the overhead and complexity of managing application’s on-boarding. Through the delivery of effective tools that reduce the learning curve of an organisation’s Business Systems to more manageable levels.

The upshot is that new employees become more engaged quicker and thus more productive and happier in their work.  This results in lower churn rates and a significantly improved experience for both internal and external customers.

Further reading on Software Adoption Solutions can be found here or you can contact us directly for more information.


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