Finance Automation in 30 days

Unlock real cost savings and more business benefits with finance automation.

Explore how you can switch to digital finance processes in under 30 days

In this webinar, we would like to share the results of a recent survey we conducted with 4000+ finance leaders based in the UK and discuss:

–          Which processes would finance teams like to improve in the near future
–          What are their automation priorities
–          How cloud-based finance systems can help achieve business goals
–          Demonstrate how easy it is for finance teams to switch to a cloud-based system
and how they can use it
–          Share our client experiences and results gained by changing over to digital,
automated finance processes

We will also be exploring various finance processes such as supplier invoice processing, cash allocation, accounts payable, compliance reporting and accounts receivable with a view of where you can realise most benefits with automation.  We would love for the webinar to be interactive so please do send us any topics that you would like covered in the discussion.

Who should attend?
Finance leaders looking to improve the efficiency of finance processes and position the finance teams as a strategic function of the business. The webinar would be also interesting for IT managers who are working on transforming the finance function and evaluating technology options that will help them achieve their digital goals.

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