Workflow Automation Software

A Versatile Workflow Automation Platform for Business Processes

Deploy a intelligent workflow platform, to automate touchpoints that previously requiring human intervention, smoothing out and speeding up processes such as document or invoice management, onboarding and more. Invest in workflow automation software to enjoy optimal levels of agility, productivity and flexibility whilst reducing manual work, errors and costs.

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Optimise Agility and Productivity By Deploying Workflow Automation Software.

    Benefits of Workflow Automation

    Transform your information-intensive business workflows. Connect your critical systems across internal and external business processes, gain access to AI-led insights from unstructured data, and orchestrate sequential tasks like invoice processing or approving documents with a single versatile platform.

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    Maximize Workforce

    Deploy smart digital workers for high-value workflows and time-consuming tasks. Get more done, in less time, with fewer errors.


    Create more personalized experiences, reduce customer response times and streamline customer management workflows.

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    Unlock Data
    and Speed

    Process documents from any channel with powerful AI Workflow Automation. Eliminate manual data extraction from workflows.

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    Business Users

    Give non-technical business users powerful no-code document processing tools.

    Real-World Case Studies

    The Tangible Benefits of Workflow Automation

    Discover how other organisations have maximized security, ensured compliance and driven efficiencies and productivity with intelligent capture, print and output management, and mobile workflow automation.

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      With experience spanning 25+ years, we continue to ensure that our projects are developed on fit-for-purpose foundations capable of meeting all customer needs. For this reason, we utilise proven Kofax® solutions trusted by 25,000+ customers and agencies worldwide.

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      As one of the UK’s most experienced Kofax Partners and Resellers, Telic Digital can help to ensure your project is a success. With a range of pre-built solutions and framework connectors, we can help to accelerate your implementation and minimise associated risks.

      Our 4-step approach will cover all stages of your process automation journey. We have you covered, from discussing where to get started and identifying the right solutions to assisting you in integrating platforms and supporting existing projects.