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Experience AI-driven efficiency with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) – your key to seamless document management and enhanced business workflows.

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    Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing

    Transform your information-intensive business workflows. Connect your critical systems across internal and external business processes, gain access to AI-led insights from unstructured data, and orchestrate sequential tasks like invoice processing or approving documents with a single versatile platform.

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    Elevate Processes
    from Start to Finish

    Efficiently handle paper and digital document intake, boost digitization speed, streamline classification, and eliminate workflow bottlenecks for a paperless office.

    Eliminate Error-Prone
    Manual Tasks

    Minimize manual tasks, redirect skilled labour to high-value work with accurate data support. Achieve consistent precision and continuous process improvement.

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    Strengthen Privacy,
    Simplify Compliance

    Set firm compliance rules, auto-detect sensitive data, apply secure settings, and maintain an auditable trail in a controlled environment.

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    Address Data

    Address traditionally unsolvable issues, uncover hidden inefficiencies, and harness the impact of improved data extraction for precise, vital processes.

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    Clear Savings

    Boost the bottom line by saving time, minimizing rework, and ensuring data access for the right teams and systems.

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    Processing Times

    Significantly cut document wait times for desk placement or approval in essential steps.

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    With experience spanning 25+ years, we continue to ensure that our projects are developed on fit-for-purpose foundations capable of meeting all customer needs. For this reason, we utilise proven Kofax® solutions trusted by 25,000+ customers and agencies worldwide.

    Leading UK Kofax Partner and Reseller

    As one of the UK’s most experienced Kofax Partners and Resellers, Telic Digital can help to ensure your project is a success. With a range of pre-built solutions and framework connectors, we can help to accelerate your implementation and minimise associated risks.

    Our 4-step approach will cover all stages of your process automation journey. We have you covered, from discussing where to get started and identifying the right solutions to assisting you in integrating platforms and supporting existing projects.