Intelligent Invoice Processing For Your Finance ERP System

Liberate your AP team from manual and repetitive tasks

Discover the transformative power of cloud-based intelligent automation for invoicing, revolutionising your organisation’s operational landscape:

Experience Automated Data Entry: Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry tasks. Your team can accelerate processes, improve accuracy, and cut costs effortlessly.

Embrace Digital Workflows: Unlock a seamless journey for users handling invoice coding and approval. Our intuitive interface simplifies tasks, minimises errors, and liberates you from outdated paper-based processes.

Gain Process Insight: Take control with real-time visibility into your Accounts Payable operations. Track invoices effortlessly, eliminate manual chasing, and streamline your entire invoicing workflow. Explore the possibilities today!

    What is 8 + 7

    Telic Digital offers intelligent automation solutions to streamline accounts payable processes. By leveraging cloud-based invoice automation, organisations can eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency. The platform provides automated data entry, digital workflows for invoice coding and approval, and comprehensive process insights, empowering the accounts payable team with control and visibility over invoice processing. Additionally, Telic Digital’s solution integrates seamlessly with your finance ERP systems, ensuring a quick deployment process and secure environment. With self-learning technology and configurable approval processes, the platform optimises invoice processing, reducing manual efforts and enhancing accuracy.

    Using a simple and intuitive interface for users, ensuring rapid adoption and facilitating quick uptake. Through digital processing, invoices are efficiently coded, approved, and recorded in an accessible audit trail for compliance purposes. The platform also enables integration with backend finance systems, facilitating seamless data transfer.

    To explore the benefits of automation further, organisations can book consultations, arrange demonstrations, test their invoices’ automation levels, and validate integration capabilities, providing a comprehensive understanding of how our solution can enhance your processes.

    Discover Intelligent Invoice Processing For Your Finance ERP System

    Stop missing out on the opportunities provided by deploying Intelligent Financial  Automation technologies.

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