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Revolutionize Your Information Management: Streamline Access, Security, and Compliance with Cloud Document Management Software.

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Cloud Document Management Software could be the answer to your information management needs – spending hours looking for documents? Remote teams unable to access information when needed leading to delays? Stressed over your records not meeting compliance standards or data protection directives?

A Cloud document management software provides a centralised location for storage and retrieval, document security, access control, and audit trails. The software captures, tracks, and stores various electronic documents, including PDFs, word processing files, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and digital scans of physical documents.

Benefit from a Cloud Based Document Management Solution


Easy for authorized users to remotely search for and access digital business documents.

Protect Documents
and Data

Manage your confidential business documents securely, ensure compliance with security standards, and improve your disaster recovery plan with our Document Management Solution.

Increasing Icon

and Discovery

Ensure compliance by keeping complete audit trails of all access. Also, provide availability of digital documents for discovery projects related to Artificial Intelligence.

How the Cloud-Based Document Management System Works

Transfer & Store

You can easily gather documents from various sources like scanners, email, or mobile devices and store them securely in a digital repository.

Index Content

The cloud-based document management system will add index fields to documents to assist you with organising and easily retrieving your digital documents.

Control Access

Ensure that only authorised individuals have access to the appropriate documents in the system, it is important to assign specific rights and privileges.

Revision Tracking

The system will make sure documents being worked on by multiple people are properly versioned and stored digitally without any need for manual intervention.

Document Control

DMS records management controls to keep necessary documents and automatically remove unnecessary ones from the repository.


Effortlessly link your document management repository with other business systems to allow users to access the information they need quickly and efficiently.

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