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Deploy Kofax Intelligent Automation to transform business processes, increase productivity, and improve accuracy through automation. As a trusted automation partner our solutions provide scalability, integration with existing systems, and valuable analytics, enabling businesses to adapt to changing demands, optimise operations, and ensure compliance with regulations.

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    Powers your Processes in a Smarter Way

    Automate at scale and digitally transform your processes with a single intelligent process automation platform. By combining RPA, cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility, engagement and analytics, Kofax provides users with the ability to make informed decisions increasing productivity.

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    Guarantee that your business meets regulatory demands with automated systems for monitoring, reporting and escalating compliance issues as needed.

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    Transform your customer experience with intelligent automation! Quickly respond to service requests, provide reliable responses, and elevate your brand with quality interactions.

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    Reduce reliance on human interactions and cut costs across the board. Gain access to faster, more consistent results and less operational friction resulting in leaner, more cost-effective workflows.

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    Increase Data

    Eliminate touchpoints where humans can mistakenly introduce errors into data with AI Automation - gain access to cleaner and more reliable results.

    Discover the Product Range

    Available as discrete products or part of a unified platform, Kofax can accommodate your intelligent process automation challenges of today and tomorrow.

    A single platform that brings human and digital workforces together to digitise and automate business processes. Kofax TotalAgility delivers value by orchestrating individual touchpoints, optimising and making them more effective.

    With image processing and on-device OCR technologies, Mobile Capture automatically captures, extracts and validates content from paper documents. Eliminate manual data entry and provide your customers with a fast and flowing experience.

    Kofax Transformation will automate the classification and extraction of data from any document. It is ideal for organisations that struggle with error-prone or slow business processes as a result of the handling of large volumes of documents.

    A simple cloud solution that provides comprehensive options to complete faster signing ceremonies. With easy paperless workflows, SignDoc is a must-have for your digital transformation journey.

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    With experience spanning 25+ years, we continue to ensure that our projects are developed on fit-for-purpose foundations capable of meeting all customer needs. For this reason, we utilise proven Kofax solutions trusted by 25,000+ customers and agencies worldwide.

    Leading UK Kofax® Partner and Reseller

    As one of the UK’s most experienced Kofax® Partners and Resellers, Telic Digital can help to ensure your project is a success. With a range of pre-built solutions and framework connectors, we can help to accelerate your implementation and minimise associated risks.

    Our 4-step approach will cover all stages of your process automation journey. We have you covered, from discussing where to get started and identifying the right solutions to assisting you in integrating platforms and supporting existing projects.