Cloud Invoice Automation

AP Cloud Invoice Processing Automation

With AP Cloud Invoice Processing Automation, you can effortlessly capture, analyse, validate, and approve invoices from any source. Accounts Payable teams can save up to 50% of their time by accessing and actioning invoice data instantly from anywhere. By seamlessly integrating a Cloud Invoice solution into your existing systems you can start enjoying the benefits than you think.
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    What is a Cloud Invoice Processing Solution?

    A Cloud Invoice Processing Solution is a cloud-based vendor invoice management solution that assists Accounts Payable operations by automating the capturing and verification of invoices from any source or format, where you can instantly see reduced costs and faster processing times per invoice.

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    Invoice Processing Automation solution for agile, remote accounts teams

    AP departments can access invoice data instantly, anywhere, anytime, with any device with invoice automation. A unique feature of this solution is that there is no need for an expensive hardware or software investment, making setup quick, easy, and painless. Switch from manual processes to streamlined operations in no time.

    Benefits of Cloud Invoice Processing

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    Get more out of
    your employees

    Automating repeat tasks allows your employees to focus on other valuable jobs.

    Increased efficiency
    automated digital workflows

    Configure digital workflow based on organisational rules

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    Fast ROI

    The cloud solution has lower TCO and offers quick ROI.

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    Process Visibility

    Fast track approvals by providing your staff with complete process transparency.

    Telic Digital is a proud Kofax Partner

    Telic Digital takes pride in its partnership with Kofax, a leading provider of intelligent automation software solutions. As a trusted and innovative technology company, Telic Digital has implemented the Cloud Invoice Automation Solution in various companies across different industries.

    “Telic experts helped us go from manual invoice processing to automated invoice capture, classification, routing and processing of invoices in less than 4 weeks.” – Finance manager, Financial Services Company

    By leveraging Kofax’s industry-leading software suite, we can unlock new possibilities, optimise business processes, and drive sustainable growth for our clients. Telic Digital’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Kofax’s vision, and together, we strive to empower enterprises to embrace digital innovation, elevate customer experiences, and achieve lasting success in today’s dynamic business landscape.