Infor SunSystems® Integration

Infor SunSystems® Integration with Tungsten AP Essentials

As a fast-growing business, it might be time to upgrade the system to something more advanced to handle high volume data in your accounts payable department.

Tungsten AP Essentials is a cloud-based vendor invoice management solution that helps automate the capture and verification of invoices from any source or format. This reduces costs and faster processing times per invoice, allowing for more structured Accounts Payable operations.

Get more out of your Infor SunSystems® investment with AP Essentials

Eliminate the manual and repetitive data entry process into SunSystems

Use Insights to Make Informed Decisions

Quickly gain insight into important transactions with just a few clicks, empowering your organisation to take quick action and make well-informed decisions.

Improved Productivity with Automated Workflows

Use technology to identify and track query and exception transactions.


Easily Integrates with Finance Platforms

Tungsten AP Essentials integrates with your financial systems to help streamline processes and save time. 

Simple Cloud Invoice Processing Add-on for Infor SunSystems®

The integration offers organisations the ability to use advanced data extraction technologies to automatically collect invoice data. As a cloud-based offering, it can be quickly deployed, requires minimal maintenance, and delivers a rapid return on investment. The platform automatically processes invoices using artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognise data and perform validation, creating a data file suitable for upload to finance or ERP applications.

Certified SunSystems® Integration for
AP Essentials

The certified integration is flexible, easy to configure and saves you time and money,
since there is no need for extensive customisation.

Challenges AP departments face

Manual invoice processing creates a time-consuming workload for accounts payable teams and can result in errors throughout the payment process.

Out-of-date systems lead to disorganised processing workflows.

The accounting and finance team’s struggle with manually matching invoice data consumes more time.

Unorganised systems and manual reconciliation can result in late payments and errors.

We are a Tungsten Automation Partner

Telic Digital is proud to partner with Tungsten Automation, a top provider of intelligent automation software solutions. As a reliable and forward-thinking technology company, Telic Digital has successfully implemented AP essentials in various companies across diverse industries. By utilising Tungsten’s leading software suite, we can unlock new opportunities, optimise business processes, and drive sustainable growth for our clients.

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