Vendor Management Software

Take ownership of your entire supplier management, from supplier onboarding and contracts to performance tracking

Achieve seamless vendor onboarding and engagement with a Vendor Management Software

Vendor Management Software facilitates the process of adding new suppliers and maintaining accurate supplier data, saving time and reducing the risk of engaging with unaccredited suppliers. 

Vendor Management involves all the necessary tasks a company must perform to maximise the value of its vendor relationships. These activities include researching the IT marketplace for products and services, selecting vendors, obtaining quotes, negotiating contracts, managing relationships, evaluating vendor performance, coordinating product and service deliveries, and making vendor payments. 


Vendor Management Tools

Vendor Management Software can take the pain out of manually collecting documents, conducting checks and updating records before onboarding a new supplier or even maintaining an existing one. From acuity to credit checks, automate Telic’s supplier management process.  Here’s how we can help: 


Eliminate the excess time it takes to onboard new suppliers. A self-serve portal lets suppliers enter their details independently, giving you peace of mind.  

Validate Supplier Information  

On average, every company does eight vendor checks with third parties before declaring them eligible to work with. Automating the checks could save your business teams valuable time and effort wasted in conducting these checks manually.  

Supplier Portal  

Suppliers will have access to their portal to regularly update their catalogue and include any relevant information. 

Track Performance 

Base your decisions on the performance of your suppliers on factors such as delivery quality, company policy and timeliness. 

Supplier Contracts 

Keep all supplier contracts and related data organised in one centralised location.

Designed To Be Flexible And Fully Auditable

portal registration

Portal Registration

  • Supplier is invited to register on portal
  • Supplier completes their public profile

Client Registration

  • Supplier is invited to your onboarding process
  • Supplier provides the necessary information
data verification

Data Verification

  • Data is verified
  • Due diligence is performed
supplier record

Supplier Record

  • Approval decision is made
  • Supplier is added to your directory

Manage suppliers, and supplier performance

With the software, you can easily access and manage the list of registered suppliers, their products, services, certifications, areas of expertise, geographical locations, and contact information. With this feature, you can have a detailed overview of each supplier and make informed decisions based on your needs and requirements.    

All your critical systems are automatically connected with the suppliers, making them available whenever needed. 

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