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    Automated Document Processing

    Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

    Reduce document classification and data entry costs

    Accelerate Processes and Increase Data Quality

    Automatically validate business critical information

    Improve Customer Engagement and Ensure Compliance

    React and respond to customers faster and more efficiently

    Kofax Transformation Delivering Automated Document Processing Across the Organisation

    Kofax Transformation will allow your organisation to extract content from documents and feed internal and external applications. Through automation, processes can execute faster, more frequently and with greater visibility.

    Transform Documents into Useful, Electronic Business Information

    Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Kofax Transformation will automate the classification and extraction of data from any document. It is ideal for organisations that struggle with error-prone or slow business processes as a result of the handling of large volumes of documents. 

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    What is Kofax Transformation

    Kofax Transformation is a market-leading cognitive document automation application that can capture documents of any type from any source and convert them into data required for specific business processes. During the data extraction process, information can be cross-checked and validated against other data sources to ensure and improve accuracy.

    Benefits of Kofax Transformation

    Increase Data Accuracy

    Automated data validation ensures data accuracy

    Increase Productivity

    Process higher volumes of documents at greater pace

    Reduce Costs

    By automating manual tasks employees are able to focus on more valuable activities

    Workforce Capacity

    Users are able to complete more activities, faster with higher rates of accuracy.

    Enhance Customer Engagement

    Be able to react to customer communications faster


    Apply to automation to many different document processing activities across the organisation

    Highly Experienced Kofax Transformation Partner

    Our team has over 75 years combined experience as a Kofax Reseller and have been responsible for deploying hundreds of projects using the technology. Our Kofax knowledge and skills ensures your project can be implemented on time and within budget.

    Our services include initial business process analysis and solution specification, through to configuration, deployment, training and support.

    Other Kofax Products

    Available as discrete products or part of a unified platform, Kofax can accommodate your intelligent process automation challenges of today and tomorrow.

    Mobile Capture

    Kofax Mobile Capture allows documents captured from a mobile device to be read, understood and processed.

    Kofax Insight

    Insight delivers process intelligence about business processes to inform decision making processes.

    Communications Manager

    Better engage with customers by generating and outputting content over their channel of choice.

    Kofax Transformation

    Kofax Transformation automates the extraction and validation of data from business critical documents

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