KofaxTotal Agility
Intelligent Process Automation Platform

Kofax Powers Your Processes in a Smarter Way

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    Low-Code Process Automation

    Realise Business Process Savings and ROI

    Reduce operating costs of business processes and utilise staff time for value-based activities

    Reduce Deployment Time and Costs

    Use Quick Apps to rapidly build and release capture, classsification and workflow processes

    Discover Opportunities to Enhance Processes

    Quickly visualise process steps in key processes, identify bottlenecks and optimise processes

    Intelligent Automation for Digital Workflow Transformation

    Kofax TotalAgility will allow your organisation to extract content from documents, orchestrate business processes and connect internal and external systems. Through automation, processes can execute faster, more frequently and with greater visibility.

    Deliver Improved Customer Service Levels and Enhanced Process Efficiency

    Kofax TotalAgility allows organisations to digitally transform high-value business processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, customer onboarding, sales order processing, and claims processing. The Kofax TotalAgility platform will process any document from any source and minimise manual document processing delivering an optimal customer experience.

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    What is Kofax TotalAgility

    Kofax TotalAgility is a low-code business process automation platform that combines intelligent document processing and digital workflow capabilities. Kofax KTA allows organisations to rapidly implement digital and automated business processes by connecting users, systems and data.

    Kofax TotalAgility Capabilities

    A single platform that brings human and digital workforces together to digitise and automate business processes. Kofax TotalAgility delivers value by orchestrating individual touchpoints, optimising and making them more effective.

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    Connected Systems, Streamlined Processes, Empowered Employees and Engaged Customers

    Kofax TotalAgility enables processes to be streamlined and optimised by connecting disparate systems, automating manual processes and giving users the right information at the right time. It provides efficiency and transparency to complex business processes and seamlessly links to internal and external systems.

    A Flexible and Agile Intelligent Process Automation Platform

    Kofax TotalAgility combines intelligent document capture, process orchestration and analytics capabilities to effectively digitse and automate business processes. In-built AI accelerates deployment and optimises processes to ensure a rapid return on investment and maximum efficiency.

    Kofax Capabilities Diagram

    Highly Experienced Kofax TotalAgility UK Partner

    Our team has over 75 years combined Kofax implementation experience and been responsible for deploying hundreds of projects using the technology. Our knowledge and skills ensures your project can be implemented on time and within budget.

    Our services include initial business process analysis and solution specification, through to configuration, deployment, training and support.

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