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Discover the Power of Intelligent RPA

Increase ROI and reduce deployment time with Kofax® RPA. Introduce a low-code and no-code development environment that allows citizen developers and business users to rapidly design, build and release automated processes.

Automate Labour Intensive, Multi-Step Data Processes

Kofax® RPA allows organisations to automate parts or all of a process allowing workers to focus on more valuable activities. RPA is one part of an Intelligent Workflow Automation Suite and with its low-code deployment model is often the front runner application for automation.

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Maximizes Workforce
Capacity and Efficiency

Deploy RPA to automate an entire workflow—or just a part. Workforce analytics monitors and optimizes digital worker health, discovers trends, ensures compliance and detects real time problems.

Eliminates Errors and
Improves Outcomes

Reduce error-prone, manual data entry and document processing. RPA accesses and acts on information using AI to accelerate outcomes.

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Digital Workflows

Identify task automation opportunities and rapidly develop and deploy RPA. Avoid time-consuming and costly coding.

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Improves Tech

Run RPA with existing technology like business process management (BPM) and case management. Use robots within broader business processes to eliminate manual steps.

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Customers Worldwide Choose Kofax® Intelligent Automation

Serving over 25,000 companies and agencies worldwide, Kofax® is a trusted supplier of intelligent automation technologies for virtually all industries.

Leading UK Kofax® Partner and Reseller

As one of the UK’s most experienced Kofax® Platinum Partners and Resellers, Telic Digital can help to ensure your project is a success. With a range of pre-built solutions and framework connectors we can help to accelerate your implementation and minimise associated risks.

Our 4-step approach will cover all stages of your process automation journey. We have you covered, from discussing where to get started and identifying the right solutions to assisting you in integrating platforms and supporting existing projects.

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